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Welcome to DOMA Goddess Retreats


Daughters Of Matriarchs Goddess Retreats

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Welcome To DOMA Goddess Retreats

DOMA represents a female-led sisterhood. A matriarchy. There is a great war happening, and it is time for Women to take their rightful place in the earth. Doma helps to transform lives by helping women to embrace and own their Divine Feminine Power. As Women, we have the power to create meaningful change in our lives and the world around us. Allow Doma to be your guide to unlocking your full potential as a Goddess and a true Daughter of the earth. Support our movement of the Return of The Matriarchy, The Rise of The Goddess, and allow DOMA to help in your divine awakening. See yourself as the Goddess and Queen that you are, and realize the power in your mind, in your soul and in your womb. You are the Prize. You are a Masterpiece. Our Spiritual Midwifery helps to support and birth Women into their ability to create and manifest the life they desire for themselves through empowered rituals. As a Doma Goddess, you are the creator of your own reality!

Unveil Your Divine Journey

Hosted by High Priestess Creole Queen, Amethyst Tuzi & Priestess Karma

Embrace the Magic of Nature

Greetings, Goddess! You're cordially invited to escape to the breathtaking coast of Ecuador, where the enchantment of nature awaits. 🌴🦎🐋🐬 Immerse yourself in the mystical energy of the natural world 🌱🦋 and connect with your innate divine feminine essence 🌹

Your Path to Transformation

Discover an invitation to unlock your fullest potential and uncover the exquisite beauty that lies within you. 🌺 Whether you're a seasoned Goddess/Bruja 🧙🏽♀️ or a curious novice on the path of nature, let your soul wander 🦋🦎🦜, love passionately 🐸, and live freely 🌴

Embark on a Transcendent Odyssey

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound transformation? Join us as we traverse the realms of self-discovery and empowerment, embracing the transformative power of nature's embrace

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As women, we have the power to create meaningful change in our lives and the world around us. Let DOMA Goddess Retreats be your guide to unlocking your full potential.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Daughters Of Matriarchs Goddess Retreats, One Of The Best In Ecuador

Experience our Retreat


Immerse Yourself in Divine Rituals & Workshops

Our immersive Goddess👳🏾♀️Rituals & Workshops offer a transformative experience that cleanses, renews, and revives your soul. From the soothing Limpia/ Energy Cleansing🧖🏾♀️ to the enchanting Ayahuasca Ceremony ⛺🧘🏽♀️, each activity is designed to ignite your inner goddess.

Amplify Your Essence

Elevate your energy through guided Meditation & Breathwork🧘🏽♀️, engage in the intoxicating Sahumerios (Incense) Workshop💨, and release the past with Releasing Rituals 💨

Ignite Your Soul's Fire

Experience the uplifting power of Sound Therapy 🎶🔊, embrace the ocean's mystique with Ocean 🌊 Potions🍹, and indulge in the soul-nurturing Cacao Ceremony 🫖

Unveil Your Power

Dance with fire in the exhilarating Fire Purification Dance 💃🏽🔥, and activate your inner strength during the Goddess Activation🧖🏾♀️ & Initiation Ceremony.

Experience Our Retreat

Empower Yourself and Other Women


Join the Goddess Retreat

Practical Details

  • Dates:

    • September 7th - 13th, 2023

    • September 21st - 27th, 2023

    • October 5th - 11th, 2023

    • October 28th - November 3rd, 2023

    • November 22nd - 28th, 2023

    • December 6th - 12th, 2023

    • January 17th - 23rd, 2024

  • Amenities: Immerse yourself in WiFi, Hot♨️Water, Laundry Service, delectable spreads of Fresh Fruits & Veggies 🍉🍍🍓🌶🫑🥑 and Seafood 🦐🦀🐟. Enjoy expertly prepared meals for Breakfast🥞, Lunch🌯, Dinner🍝, and satisfying snacks🍿 in between.

Reserve Your Transformation

Secure your place in this enchanting journey by RSVPing via our contact email or connecting with us on social media. Stay updated through Facebook @High Priestess Creole Queen LLC, Facebook @priestesscreole (Da Baddest Witch), Instagram @DaBaddestWitch504, and TikTok @DaBaddestWitch504.

Customized Packages & Contributions

Choose from a variety of packages, including the Guacamayo, Paradise, Dharma, and Kundalini Package. Bring a friend or a group for exclusive discounts and embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Upcoming Retreat Dates

No events at the moment

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Goddess?


Activities Included

🏕 Limpia/ Energy Cleansing🧖🏾♀️💦

🏕 Meditation & Breathwork🧘🏽♀️

🏕 Sahumerios (Incense) Workshop💨

🏕 Releasing Rituals 💨

🏕 Sound Therapy 🎶🔊

🏕 Ocean 🌊 Potions🍹

🏕 Cacao Ceremony 🫖

🏕 Ayahuasca Ceremony ⛺🧘🏽♀️

🏕 Fire Purification Dance 💃🏽🔥

🏕 Goddess Activation🧖🏾♀️

🏕 & An Initiation Ceremony


💫You will probably need a tent⛺ for outdoor camping


💫6 nights 7 days


Packages, Payments & Discounts

There are different packages, payment plans and group discounts that are available.


*Bring a friend, and get 10% off your purchase.

*Bring a group, and get a special discount.


#1 Guacamayo Package Contribution: $2500 each person

#2 Paradise Package Contribution: $3500 each person

#3 Dharma Package Contribution: $5000 each person

#4 Kundalini Package Contribution: $6000 each person


💫Payment must be sent in advance. RSVP your spot. You can pay half the amount for a deposit. Please understand your contribution is non-refundable. Once you pay, you are locked in! Full amount must be paid before coming. Payment Options: Paypal or Bank Transfer (Zelle)

🛩*Guests will need a passport.

🛩*Each guest must purchase their own round trip plane ticket.

💫Guests will fly in through Guayaquil, Ecuador. We will provide transportation for guests.

💫There will be shared rooms, unless you desire a different Package, that offers a private room. That can be arranged.

💫Each guest must send a professional email with a list of emergency contacts, copy of photo I.D., and any food allergies as well.

💫Bring a Backpack, Skin protection (We are very close to the sun), OFF (mosquito repellent), Sunvisor and bring Beach Attire! You will need to bring a small tent for camping and some extra spending money for shopping.


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